Patricia was a healthy and active 71-year-old. One day she lost her balance while walking down the stairs inside her home, and fell into a heap on the floor. She suffered a spinal injury as a result of the fall, became paralyzed, and a short year later she passed away from these injuries. Patricia did not know that she had trouble with her balance before this devastating accident.

The statistics show that after the age of 65, “1 in 3 people will fall doing the normal activities of daily living,” according to U.S. News and World Report. As you get older your balance begins to decline, and for some it does so quite rapidly. A fall can lead to a fracture or broken bones, which can lead to hospitalization and a lengthy recovery.

As an active adult, you want to do everything you can to prevent falls. Often, the best solution is to receive consultation to see if you are suffering from neuropathy. According to Everyday Health, neuropathy affects 8% of all adults above the age of 55 and can cause pain, tingling, and a loss of coordination and balance.

There are multiple treatments available for neuropathy, including many innovative and proprietary ones only available at Pivotal Health Physical Medicine. Pivotal Health has developed a unique, proprietary medical set of procedures to help remove the damaging and debilitating effects of neuropathy. Pivotal Health uses a combination of proven, safe and effective neuropathy treatment modalities that help get rid of the numbness, tingling and pain associated with neuropathy. Thousands of patients have had their life dramatically improved by using our simple yet effective peripheral neuropathy treatment program. Patients from all walks of life are now able to dance with their grandchildren at graduation, play golf again, travel without the need of assistance and live a normal life once again!

Muscle strengthening can prevent falling

Medical professionals studying balance have found that muscle strengthening and balance retraining programs can decrease the risk of falls by 45 percent. Studies also show that people who practice the (noncompetitive) martial art of tai chi, which emphasizes gentle movements and stretching, and yoga have a significantly better sense of balance than people of the same age who did not practice such balance-intense activities. It is suggested that you strengthen your buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings to improve your balance.  That is why a class in tai-chi, yoga or Pilates with slow, deliberate movements and one-legged stances will help you.

Osteoporosis can make a fall worse

The National Institutes of Health reports that older people are more likely to break a bone when they fall.  That is because they may have a disease called osteoporosis—when the bones become weak with no symptoms.

You can fall for many reasons: you tripped on a loose carpet; you have poor vision; or you had two glasses of wine with your dinner.  Some medicines can also increase the risk of falls, including blood pressure pills; heart medications; diuretics (water pills); muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills.

Because it is so easy for a person over 50 to fall, it’s important that you keep your bones healthy as you age. The NIH advises, “Get enough calcium and Vitamin D each day; keep active—walk, climb stairs, lift weights, or dance daily; get a bone mineral density (BMD) test; and talk with your doctor about taking medicine to make your bones stronger.”

If you have balance problems, experts also recommend being tested for vision problems, osteoporosis, neuropathy in the feet, muscle weakness, blood pressure problems that occur when moving from lying to standing, inner ear dysfunction, and adverse drugs effects. Any or all of these can be factors contributing to a fall.

The doctors and chiropractors at Pivotal Health Physical Medicine know how important it is for you to remain healthy and active.  We want you to contact us today to check whether you may be suffering any balance problems from any of the above-cited conditions.  We will give you a thorough physical exam and design a program to help you retain your balance and continue your vital lifestyle.  Call us today at 941-697-3001.


Avoiding a Fall