Have you ever noticed someone walking in a room and though “Now that is some one important!” Posture is a critical piece to gain positive first impressions from others. Not only has posture been shown to improve other people’s perceptions of individuals, recent studies have shown that having better posture actually affects your mood and how you perceive success!

Wouldn’t you like to make such a statement when you enter a room?

The more you carry your body with straight posture, holding your head up high, the better your spine will feel. Once you improve your posture, you will breathe better, strengthen your spinal muscles, feel stronger and you will enjoy better balance. How could you not feel better?

Do you sit for long periods?

One of the results of poor posture is neck and back pain. This happens to people who sit for long periods of time – whether they are parked in front of the television for hours every night, enduring a tiring car journey, or constantly working and having to sit at a desk. Gravity pulls down on our bodies while sitting and causes muscle imbalances throughout the neck and back.

Pivotal Health offers the following suggestions to sit properly to avoid back and neck pain.

  • Keep your chest up and collarbones level, so your shoulders will stay in the correct position.
  • Keep both feet flat on the floor. Don’t cross your legs, but bend your knees to a 90-degree angle.
  • Keep your alignment centered—don’t lean to one side.

If you are forced to sit for long periods of time, get up and walk for 15 minutes or so every few hours, particularly if you are on an airplane or taking a car trip. Getting your circulation moving and stretching your muscles will help you feel better.

Postural Restoration

 Some patients suffer such severe back and neck pain that they need a physical therapy treatment called Postural Restoration (PR).  The method identifies and corrects common poor posture patterns a patient may have adopted.

Many people who have musculoskeletal problems seek relief from PR therapy. Very specific exercises are used, including manual techniques. Posture patients usually also benefit from Chiropractic BioPhysics and may even be referred to podiatrists, dentists, or an optometrist because one ailment can well be related to another.

Pivotal Health Physical Medicine uses the following methods to treat your neck and back pain:

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) — This method is used by Olympic athletes, professional sports teams and many others who suffer from muscular pains.  The WBV helps because it creates a vibrating motion that is transferred up through your body and causes your tissues and muscles to contract and relax.

Wobble Chair — No, it’s not a balance ball. A Wobble Chair can help regenerate the disc spaces in your spine.  Therefore, it allows healing of the damaged discs and tissues in your lower spine, and will relieve the pain you feel from arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

Cervical Traction — This device will also help to alleviate pain in your shoulders, arms, and hands. It also can help with headaches.

If you have been suffering from poor posture and need relief from arthritis pain or other severe back or neck pain, visit Pivotal Health Physical Medicine.  When you arrive, you will get ready for your treatments by doing supervised warm-up exercises and stretching your muscles, ligaments, and discs.  We will provide you treatment with the Wobble Chair, Cervical Traction Unit, and Whole Body Vibration or whatever will best address your discomfort.

Pivotal Health Physical Medicine uses advanced equipment, rehab exercises, and simple chiropractic care to target your damaged or weak tissues and muscles.

Get relief from your muscular aches and pains and visit Pivotal Health Physical Medicine today. Call us at 941-697-3001.