Integrated Medicine is not truly a new movement within the medical community. It is a movement that has been around for years and has recently gained mainstream attention within the medical community. Integrated medicine is a medical intervention that focuses heavily on the patient-physician relationship and the entirety of the patient; mind, body, spirituality. Integrated medicine takes on aspects of modern medicine and melds them with alternative medicine practices. Due to integrated medicine’s approach to treating a person as a whole, it has become an attractive method of medicine to many people. Pivotal Health Physical Medicine clinic in Port Charlotte has created a clinic that encompasses all aspects of integrative medicine to improve the health of our patients!

Since the early 2000’s, the use of integrative medicine within the United States has been steadily increasing. Unlike modern medicine, integrative medicine does not put an emphasis on chemical medications. In conjunction with other western medicine practices, integrative medicine actively utilizes the most sought after and time tested alternative medicine practices. Many people, including physicians at Pivotal Health believe that by utilizing more than one form of medicine, people will receive superior care. It is no wonder than more people are turning to integrated medicine practices.

The dedicated medical professional at Pivotal Health have been perfecting their integrative medicine practices for years. From holistic health to all-natural pain relief, we strive to give patients what they need. As always, we will put the health and well-being of our patients before all else. We believe that utilizing integrative medicine practices gives our physical medicine clinic a leg up on the competition! Call today to learn more about our practice.