It is a sad fact that when people suffer from back pain they often reach for over the counter medications. When back pain becomes too painful or disruptive these same people will head into a doctor’s office just to receive a prescription for pain relievers. Back pain is a huge problem in the United States, and there are very few adults that can honestly say that they have never experienced back pain. Due to the prevalence of back pain, Pivotal Health has taken it upon themselves to provide a treatment plan based off of the principles of integrated medicine in Port Charlotte.

It is time to put down the pain-killer bottle. Integrated medicine in Port Charlotte offers a natural relief of pain and immobility that is associated with back pain. Pain relief is accomplished through CBP chiropractic services and other all-natural pain relief techniques. Chiropractic care has been used for thousands of years as an all-natural method of reducing pain and improving spinal function. Specialized CBP chiropractic treatments will help the body retrain itself while improving neurologic and muscular function. Multiple scientific studies also back the fact that chiropractic services offer a safe, effective, and reliable way to quickly reduce back pain without turning to medications that are chock full of chemicals.

Pivotal Health’s integrated medicine practice in Port Charlotte offers an alternative treatment method for acute and chronic back pain. No one should have to suffer from pain issues. We offer help that is all-natural and very effective. Each of our trained and experienced medical professionals will build a treatment plan that is individualized to meet all the needs of ONE specific patient at a time. Isn’t it time that you had the option of feeling better without popping pills? Call today to learn more!