PRP injections in Port Charlotte are a wonderful way to help injuries heal much more quickly. PRP injections are utilized by active individuals as well as elite athletes. This treatment is quite effective because it helps increase the speed of healing. In order to understand how and why PRP injections are effective, it is necessary to understand the normal healing cycle.

Normal Healing Cycle

  • Acute Injury Phase (Inflammation Phase): This is the stage immediately after injury where the body begins to protect the area from further damage. We see muscle guarding, bleeding, inflammation, and pain during this phase. This phase lasts up to 48 hours. 
  • Regeneration Phase: This phase begins about 48 hours after injury. During this phase the body is still guarding the injury. The body has just begun to lay down soft tissue (scar tissue, collagen & muscle tissue) to repair to injured area.
  • Remodeling Phase: Strong collagen fibers begin to lay down during this phase. Muscle tissue fibers are beginning to take hold and strengthen. This phase is also when inflammation is completely gone and more active movement is encouraged.

How PRP Injection Influence This Cycle

PRP injections are plasma-synthesized injections. These injections have up to 10x the normal concentration of proteins that carry repair & growth factors. These concentrated factors are injected into the injured area to help with regeneration of tissues. This injection decreases inflammation while increasing collagen synthesis to cut down overall healing time & setbacks.

Pivotal Health can help individuals in Port Charlotte understand how PRP injections can help them after an acute injury or surgery. Call today to see if PRP injections in Port Charlotte would work for you!