Plasma Rich Platelet Injections (or PRP injections) have taken center stage in the recent years. This therapeutic injection was thrust into the spotlight by high-profile athletes that were recovering from injury. While it is now a common athletic-based therapy, many people do not understand a thing about PRP injections in Port Charlotte.

What Are PRP Injections?

PRP injections are an effective way to treat injuries. Plasma is a normal part of the human bloodstream. Without plasma our blood would not clot when exposed to the air. Plasma also carries a number of other beneficial proteins, the most important being certain growth factors. Scientists have separated these beneficial plasma rich proteins and concentrated them to almost 10x the normal concentration levels. These proteins are synthesized from each person’s own blood, and when the concentration of proteins is complete, the PRP is then injected back into the affected area.

Do PRP Injections Work?

The short answer; yes. The concentrated proteins have a positive effect on healing by speeding up cellular growth. It has been shown to be beneficial after injury and surgery. The long-term overall effectiveness of this treatment is still being researched, but so far it has shown to be incredibly beneficial to athletes and other individuals that need help healing.   

While PRP injections have been shown to be safe and effective, they are not a reasonable medical intervention for every injured patient. Many factors go into deciding whether or not someone is a suitable patient for PRP injections in Port Charlotte. Contact the professionals at Pivotal Health to learn more about this amazing procedure!