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“Spread Good Health When You Get Healthy”

Spread Good Health When You Get Healthy

We want to make an impact. We want everyone to win. We want a better world—a world where children don’t go to bed hungry. Sad, yet true, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. go to bed hungry. Charlotte County is no different. Children are going to bed hungry because their parents cannot provide for them.

Did you know that together, we can make a difference in the lives of the families and children in Charlotte County. Last year alone, we provided 30,000 meals to those in our community by giving part of the proceeds from treatments we provided to patients just like you. Our goal by 2020 is to provide more than 250,000 meals to those that are struggling to make ends meet, leaving them hungry, malnourished and unhealthy. By achieving this goal, the impact on our entire nation will be dramatic.

We do make an impact. Everyone wins. The world is a better place.

Imagine a Medical Office Where You Feel Cared For And The Doctors Listen

At Pivotal Health Physical Medicine in Port Charlotte, FL we offer a number of different medical services to our patients. Our integrated team is here to help you achieve the best long-term outcome.

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What Our Patients Say

No More Back Pain!

“Before Pivotal Health, I was told the only relief of back pain would be surgery. Not only has my back pain eased but the other pains, i.e. hip, neck and shoulder, no longer plague me. My energy level is that of someone half my age!”

*Results may vary

I No Longer Have Headaches!

“Before beginning care at Pivotal Health, I suffered from headaches and joint pain for 4 months. The pain was very intense… Now I no longer have headaches, and my overall pain has lessened.”

*Results may vary

I Get Sick Less Often!

“I came into Pivotal Health suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain. On a scale from 1-10, my back was a pain level of 10. Since starting treatment, I have relief from my pain, I get sick less often, and I feel healthier overall….”

*Results may vary

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