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I Can Walk Again

I have suffered from poor posture, knee and leg pain for about one year and sinus issues for many years. I was unable to walk any distances and my daily exercise routine began to diminish. My medical doctor did ultrasounds to check for blood clots in my legs and wanted to prescribe me pain killers. Since beginning care at Pivotal Health, I have improved mobility and energy! I have no sinus issues and my overall health has improved! I can walk again!

*Results may vary

—Pastor, Englewood

Overall Pain Has Lessened

Before beginning care at Pivotal Health, I suffered from headaches and joint pain for 4 months. The pain was very intense and I couldn’t concentrate on simple daily tasks. I read their ad in the newspaper and began care. Now I no longer have headaches, and my overall pain has lessened. My other problems are beginning to clear up, too.

*Results may vary

—Kelly A., Port Charlotte

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New Patient Special

On the Road to Health and Wellness!

What a relief to stand up and not worry about falling backwards! After an accident, I went to other doctors who were evasive and created more problems for me. Now I’m on the road to health and wellness! I am so grateful.

*Results may vary

—Mary S., Sarasota

I Am VERY Thankful

Over 8 months ago I was experiencing extreme pain in my neck. I was taking handfuls of pain meds every day. My pain got so bad that my only option that I was given by my doctor was to have my nerves in my neck cauterized, or in other words, burned! I did this for 2 months. The pain returned in my neck within a few days. I couldn't live like this much longer. My husband saw an ad in the paper that talked about nerve pain. I am so happy he saw that ad. I began to see Dr. Joseph and Dr. Chase and within 1 week my neck pain completely went away. What a blessing!!!! It has now been a few months with no pain, no meds, no burning of nerves. I am very thankful for all that they have done for me.

*Results may vary

—Michelle Keane

Get Yourself on a Routine
with Pivotal Health

Words cannot express the value of having the Pivotal Health Doctors as our primary care providers. Since 2007 my family has benefited from their care. Even when they moved farther away from Venice we’ve not considered changing our health care providers. They’ve brought us through everything from ear aches, head aches, hashimoto’s, to multiple blown disks and more. Get yourself on a routine with Pivotal Health. Your older self will thank your younger self for making such a wise decision.

*Results may vary

—Steve Martin Smith

The State of the Art Equipment Here is the Best!

I thought my neck and arm pain would be with me forever. Dr. Chase assured me it would go away with treatment and sure enough it did. The state of the art equipment here is the best as well as the friendly staff.

*Results may vary

—Maureen Burren

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Back Pain in Port Charlotte

Accident in Port Charlotte

Thank You for Your Help!

My family and I have been so blessed by Dr Joseph and staff it is hard to put into words. I went from barely being able to walk to playing tennis three times a week again! Thank you for your help!

*Results may vary

—Ron Raymer

I Am Super Impressed

WOW! I am super impressed…My back pain and headaches are almost completely gone and I even feel TALLER! My posture and range of motion have improved too. They are even helping me with other health concerns, like my menstrual issues and weight loss! They offer a new patient special to come in and get checked…it’s one of the best decisions you could ever make.

*Results may vary


My Quality of Life is Better!

I came to Dr. Joseph’s office in severe pain in my neck from a car accident after seeing doctors who could not help. Within the first month there was substantial improvement!! All the doctors wanted to manage my pain with expensive and damaging pain medication or injections. But not Pivotal Health, they wanted to correct my pain and fix the problem without any medication at all! Dr. Chase is a miracle worker and I now live most my days with very minimal pain! Thank you Dr. Chase for everything you have done to help make my quality of life better!

*Results may vary


Not Only Has My
Back Pain Eased...

Before coming to Pivotal Health, I was told the only relief of back pain would be through surgery. Not only has my back pain eased but the other pains, i.e. hip, neck and shoulder, no longer plague me. My energy level is that of someone half my age and my entire out look on life is most positive at this time. I simply cannot express the improvement in my life due to my affiliation with this amazing family of healers.

*Results may vary

—Joanne Phillips

Dr. Joseph and His Staff are My Heroes

Before going to Pivotal Health I was told surgery was the only way to solve my herniated disc problem in my neck. I was told this by, supposedly, one of the best Back and Neck practices in town. Keep in mind a certain degree of disability, loss of work, and a chance of pain medication addiction would follow. No thanks, Dr. Joseph and his staff are my heroes. I have been under there care for a little over a year now and I have never felt better. No more pinched nerve, intense burning in my neck, fatigue…

These wonderful people are passionate about what they do, let them do it for you.

*Results may vary

—Ryan Shane
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Pivotal Health Has Given Me Hope

Pivotal Health Has Given Me Hope. When you live in pain everyday you are not experiencing what is possible in life. I have lived on narcotics, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants for 20 years (car accident). After enduring surgeries and many visits to physical therapists, I took a chance with Pivotal Health. Their office was giving free evals at a health fair. My cervical neck was in the red….probably due to the three herniated discs. The eval led me to their office for a more comprehensive eval that only cost $25. Just like everyone else, my money does not grow on trees. The cost of treatment was flexible and I was able to get started. This was a risk to contract for that much therapy as I have no insurance and cannot work. I walked in having to use my cane every step due to no cartilage and numerous surgeries on a knee.

Pivotal Health Has Given Me Hope

After seeing Pivotal Health, I can now walk short distances without taking another fall—we are talking weight bearing on a destroyed, surgically-twice-repaired joint. Since my accident, many medical folks have tried to give me a bedridden prognosis. Thanks for the advice, but bedridden is not on my menu of life. Due to care at Pivotal Health my body is starting to really show improvement. The stabbing headaches, a knife in my knee and unbearable back pain are now more manageable. My antidepressant isn't necessary, the Vicodan is less and my options look like I might be able to live a more comfortable and happy life. Pivotal Health has changed my options. Now I know it can be different—less scary—and a chance to have a much more interesting ride in my 60s. These are doctors who don't just give you pills and send you out the door. I will go to this doctor for the rest of my life if that is possible. Pivotal Health has given me hope life can be good again….active…..independent……full of possibilities. *Results may vary


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We will always treat you with dignity and respect and expect the same in return. Results require handling difficult health issues and we will stand behind all our patients—100%. One of our top goals for each patient is that your time and financial investment with Pivotal Health creates a favorable health return.

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What Our Patients Say

No More Back Pain!

“Before Pivotal Health, I was told the only relief of back pain would be surgery. Not only has my back pain eased but the other pains, i.e. hip, neck and shoulder, no longer plague me. My energy level is that of someone half my age!”

*Results may vary

I No Longer Have Headaches!

“Before beginning care at Pivotal Health, I suffered from headaches and joint pain for 4 months. The pain was very intense… Now I no longer have headaches, and my overall pain has lessened.”

*Results may vary

I Get Sick Less Often!

“I came into Pivotal Health suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain. On a scale from 1-10, my back was a pain level of 10. Since starting treatment, I have relief from my pain, I get sick less often, and I feel healthier overall….”

*Results may vary

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